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Invisible doorbell ditch: the next generation of office trolling.


Rooster Teeth meets The Walking Dead.


I can’t get it clear if the RT C&C with T-Dog’s body’s either Matt or Jason.

Gustavo Sorola: drunken arm wrestler.

So we went to the kitchen and Michael and this is exactly how it went. Michael wouldn’t start to go ‘three, two, one’. He goes…’You’re fucked.’

And then he drunk the rest of it.

Michael was wailing on the door. He was going…(bangs door)


Michael and Lindsay modeling the new Achievement Hunter zipper hoodie.

They’re such a cute duo. <3

Videobombing: Achievement Hunter style.

Gavin and Michael: Achievement Hunter’s on-the-spot ‘electricians’.

Slap bracelets galore.

Looking through some lovely old text messages from @AH_Michael


Michael you’re making me laugh and feel sorry for Gav at the same time!